Bags – Correct Size and Filler

June 11, 2010

Hunter Green Bag
Cornhole bags measure 6″ square prior to “loading” with the filler. If they are larger than 6″, they become awkward to throw and will not fit through the game board holes. Whether they are larger or smaller than 6″, they are no longer regulation size bags.

Some suppliers have played around with the filler, using things like sand and plastic pellets. The advantages may be that they are less attractive to rodents and less likely to experience water damage. However, they invariably change the way the bags bounce and the way they feel (that is, the degree to which the bag is “stuffed”).

The correct bag filler is hard, dried, field corn. It is inexpensive, holds up well to frequent play and gives the right “feel” and “bounce”. Again, some suppliers try to take a shortcut here (to save some money) and do not use “shelled” corn that has been cleaned. These bags will make a puff of powder fly from the bag each time it hits the board. The powder soon coats the boards making them too slippery for regulation (and enjoyable) play.

Suggestion: Ask your supplier if their bags are loaded with shelled field corn. If not, walk away. One place to find tough, durable cornhole bags


Tournament or Tailgate – Which Is Best?

May 27, 2010

New Boards With Bags

New Boards With Bags

The standard game board size measures 2′ x 4′. This is referred to as a “tournament” board. All sanctioned Bean Bag or Cornhole tournaments require the use of this board size.

If you ever plan on competing in sanctioned tournaments, this is the correct board size for you. Why get accustomed to something else? Another reason to use the tournament size is that children find this board more forgiving. This helps them enjoy the game.

Tailgate boards on the other hand, are 2 square feet smaller – in terms of landing area. They measure 2′ x 3′ and are not A.C.A. approved. Want to learn more about boards and construction? Go to cornhole boards (photos and comments).

So why even offer tailgate boards? The reason, implied by the name, is that tailgate boards are easier to transport to sporting events and tailgate parties – especially in compact vehicles. They are really popular in the Chicago area where they appear like mushrooms in stadium parking lots.

Who says that only players on the field can have fun?

Where Is The Parts List?

May 23, 2010

Required components for a game of Bean Bags make a very short list. I have already mentioned the need for instructions. In addition to these, you will need:

2 x Tournament (or Tailgate) Game Boards
8 x Bean Bags

In addition to rules of play, boards and bags, there are numerous other additions – that are completely optional. (And no, I don’t mean a case of beer!)

Battery powered LED bean bag light

A very popular addition this year are the LED light rings that mount under the boards. ( See bean bag lights) This addition is inexpensive and easy to mount under each board. It is battery operated and shines a beam of bright light up through each game board hole so that players can continue playing at dusk and after sunset. Great idea.

More on the other options later . .

Combat Stress Reliever

May 21, 2010

Today I received a call from a Marine who had originally contacted us a couple of months ago. (We hadn’t heard back from him because he was deployed the week after we first talked.) At the time, he was looking for someone willing to ship to active combat units – something we are more than happy to do.  See Baggo Games & Supplies.

The way I look at it, military duty has got to be the most stressful of all jobs. To top it off, the pay is not the greatest!  On the flip side, every soldier deserves the honor of knowing they are loved and respected for putting their country ahead of personal interests.

I mention this because Bean Bag Toss is a great stress reliever. Concentrating on that “next great shot” in the heat of a friendly game of bean bags, has a way of taking our minds off difficult circumstances.  So, make sure that our boys overseas have access to a game of Cornhole. It will do all of us some good.

Yes, There Are Rules

April 12, 2010

Once upon a time, there was a family who played bean bag toss, only they refused to play by any rules. Everyone who played with them could do whatever they wanted! Seemed like a great idea at the time. Everyone had complete freedom of expression.

Well, we all know how that story ended . . pretty soon nobody wanted to play with them!  Just as in life, making up our own rules as we go along seems like a good idea – until we actually try it. Pretty soon our actions are trampling on the rights of others. Hopefully we learn that living in community requires more than just getting what WE want.

In the mid western United States where there is the greatest concentration of active players, the rules for bean bag toss/Cornhole are established by the American Cornhole Association. (ACA)  You can download a set of game regulations and board finishing instructions from:

Play by the rules – and have some fun.

Bean Bag What?

April 9, 2010

Do you live outside the mid western states of the USA?  Then the name Cornhole or ‘Bean Bag Toss’ may be unfamiliar.

One way to describe the game, is to state that it is a safe, portable version of horseshoes.  The portability makes it popular for tailgate parties, where impromptu games can take place in the parking lot at a stadium or local park.

Soft bags instead of iron horseshoes makes the game safe around children. (Sadly, more than a few children have been injured by iron horseshoes in places where the game is most popular – primarily in the western and southwestern United States.)

The game consists of two game boards, 8 toss bags and of course, a set of rules. If you are in a hurry to find out more, go to bean bag games.

Sounds simple enough. But there is much more to this ingenious game – more than mystery, intrigue and game winning strategies…

Saving The Friday Evening Party

April 8, 2010

It’s late in the afternoon on a balmy Friday.  The extended family is over and a couple of friends from work have dropped by.  The grill is going and the cooler’s filled with ice and sodas.

The kids are running around playing tag and the conversation is popping – but something is missing.   That’s it – the adults need a little action too!  Something that won’t endanger the kids, though.  But what?

The solution is . . Bean Bag Toss.  In the Midwest it’s called Cornhole.  In other places it’s referred to as Baggo.   A fun, relaxing and/or challenging backyard game than just about anyone can play. Indeed, it is the sole subject of this blog.  Read on, to learn more than you imagined . .